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Cynthia - A Little Mom's Story

What does Big Brothers mean to us ?

10 years ago there was a young boy that met his match on his Birthday. 


Who would have thought such an amazing relationship would bloom between Ryan and Shola.  An unknown man volunteering his time to mentor a child in need of having a male role model in his life.

Seeing each other once a week for so many years.  They have bonded, learned to trust, to have patience and so much more. Life has its struggles but knowing there is someone out there that my son can trust and count on unconditionally is a prayer in itself.


This not only has taught Ryan these things, this has opened his heart to help others.  Every year he volunteers to help others and give back to Big Brothers and the community. Be it from Ribfest to Bowl for Kids. As well as other Volunteer positions within the area.


Big Brothers has also given Ryan multiple opportunities to join sports teams such as Basketball, baseball, soccer and sailing camps thru out the years. Again  an opportunity he would not have had without Big Brothers.

I thank Big Brothers and the amazing services they provide to local children.  Sometimes you don't realize the impact it has on a person or their family. But we truly would not be where we are today without Big Brothers.


 Thank you once again for making a difference in our lives.