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Rob & Donnie - Golden Hawks Game 

 I feel blessed to have been matched with Donny  just before his ninth birthday in 2009.  I entered  our match without any preconceived notion of  what he would be like to interact with. I had time  to give to build a trusting relationship.  Donny is a  go with the flow kind of guy, receptive to any  planned or unplanned activity.  Over the six years  we have been matched I have seen Donny grow  with confidence, demonstrated by his ability to  interact verbally with others outside of his peer group.  Also, he now willingly volunteers to assist others without prompting.  

Donny is always ready to go when I pick him up which is indicative of our relationship.  I make the majority of our outings one on one, demonstrating my interest in him as an individual.  We always discuss how our past week has gone.  Donny is getting used to me not accepting one word responses.  Our match has developed into a give and take relationship, each valuing the opinion of the other.  I make a point of never taking a parenting role, only that of a big brother and friend.  Leading by example and establishing proper behaviour has Donny demonstrating his belief in our relationship.

Donny has learned the value of community citizenship by volunteering with me at Quinte Trash Bash and by working the Prince Edward County Marathon registration desk and one of the hydration points during the actual marathon run.  He is very receptive to these type of activities.  We have been able to enjoy participation in the BBBS agency sponsored activities.  Activities which enable the Bigs and Littles to participate at a reduced cost or no cost.  Some of which were, trips to the science centre and the zoo in Toronto, NHL hockey games in Toronto and Ottawa, a Blue Jays ball game, OHL hockey games, etc.  Donny and I agree that one of the most exciting activities to date was the opportunity to ride in a race car at Canadian Tire Motor Sports Park.   We had the opportunity compliments of Toronto's BBBS agency who organized the event sponsored by the Trillium BMW Race Club.   We also take every opportunity to take motorcycle rides to points of interest in the area.  Lake on the Mountain, outside of Picton, the open pit mine between Madoc and Marmora and the Eagle's Nest lookout in Bancroft, to name a few.  The Quinte BBBS Agency has been very supportive of our match, always resolving any quandaries I have had, any questions they have always had the answers.

My greatest reward from my match to Donny has been to watch him mature and develop as a person with solid values.  I try to get Donny to understand that, it is not only our successes in life which build character, but sometimes our failures have a greater impact, then help him to understand why.  He is a great guy to hang out with, has a great sense of humour (although occasionally a little warped) and he will always be my little brother even though he has now surpassed me in stature.