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Couples for Kids

Big Brothers Big Sisters has other mentoring programs available to meet the unique needs of our community. Some of the programs being offered in our community include:

Couples for Kids

In today’s fast paced world we have a program where you and your partner can volunteer together! The Couples for Kids program sees couples spend time with a child doing things that you all like to do. Paint a picture, learn to cook gourmet foods or take up golf – these activities are for the three of you to decide. Spend time with your partner and bring some magic into the life of a child at the same time.

Activities need not be costly, in fact we encourage them to be low or no cost acitvities. Couples and their Little are encouraged to concentrate on their friendship instead! From time to time there may be costs associated with an activity- going to a movie or out for a special event, however that is not the norm. Where possible, Couples are granted discounts to assist with these outings. Couples and their Little can also spend their time going for walks, bike riding, going fishing or heading to the park.

Couples come in all shapes, sizes and ages, (although you must be 18 years of age or older to be a volunteer). Efforts are made to match Couples and Littles together that have some similar, compatible interests. Like any friendship though, half the fun is learning new interests from one another.

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